On the 24th of May, C&A Foundation, together with Ecopreneur.eu hosted a Circular Fashion Policy Lab in Brussels

The purpose of the event was to bring together representatives from across the fashion industry to discuss what key policy measures could make a meaningful impact to boost the transition to a new green economy. Topics discussed were extended producer responsibility, VAT differentiation for circular materials/inputs, green procurement, ecodesignpolicy and a global tax shift away from labor to resources.  These are core topics which Ecopreneur has been consistently working on, and representing in Brussels in various industries and activities for front runner companies and SMEs.

The event was organised by Arthur ten Wolde from Ecopreneur and MVO Nederland, and hosted by Alyssa Jade McDonald – Baertl, Ecopreneur and Unternehmensgruen board member. The two have been working together for a couple of years now on joint projects on the European arena in Brussels in support of pioneering green companies who have made the successful shift to circular economy processes, along with Juliane Reiber, director of Ecopreneur.

Unternehmensgruen board member, and founder of Lebenskleidung, Enrico Rima was at the meeting representing interests of organic cotton, direct trade and fabric to designer evolution in the fashion arena. He contributed opinions of how his business works, challenges in the industry and spoke to the opportunities which come when the industry works together on joint higher standards for environmental and social good.

The meeting occurred inside the building of the European Economic and Social Committee, reflecting the cooperation of Ecopreneur with the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform as a member of their Coordination Group.

We applaud the meeting for direct discussions about potential policy measures which could bring interests from the whole supply chain of fashion together, to identify and talk through myths, challenges and opportunities. Without doubt, a great contribution towards new partnerships, shared knowledge and the another contribution towards greening Europe’s economy.